About Jonathan Poston

About Jonathan Poston M.E. 

Tech Professional 

Jonathan Poston (on LinkedIn) is Director of Technical SEO at Tombras, a 300+ person agency voted in the 2018 Effies as the #3 most effective Independent Agency in North America. He leads SEO for the agency's Fortune 500 + ecommerce clients and speaks on the science of search at notable universities, i.e. Case Western 2019, etc.

Previously Poston served as Sr. SEO Manager at AmericanMusical.com in the New York City area, Founder of Yiveo where he acted Directed specialists to manage dozens of paid search & SEO campaigns, Director of Social Media at FastPivot.com, etc.


Away from tech, on the weekends, Poston leads meditation / mental training - visualization sessions (i.e. Forest Meditation meetup ) & goes on outdoor adventure trips (hiking, caving, wild mushroom forays, etc.). Poston first became familiar with visualization and mental training techniques for sports performance as a Level II USATF certified endurance Coach who has trained hundreds of adult athletes to accomplish their first marathons and other challenges through physical and mental training, as well as has been published in NSCA's Strength & Conditioning Journal on his marathon training programs: https://journals.lww.com/nsca-scj/Abstract/2005/12000/Training_for_the_Half_Marathon.13.aspx


In between tech roles, Poston has served as Professor of Business at Warren Wilson, Virginia Tech, MSU-LNU International College of Business in China, UEES in Ecuador, and Galen in Belize. Courses taught include: finance, strategy, sustainable business, MBA courses, doing business in China, international negotiations, leadership, marketing.


Poston earned a Bachelor of Science; Major in Psychology & Minor in Philosophy & Religion from Francis Marion University and a Masters of Entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University.


Jonathan Poston has resided in Florence SC, Asheville NC, Knoxville TN, Cleveland OH, Dalian China, Guayaquil Ecuador, New York City, and Raleigh NC.