Thursday, November 19, 2020

Google: Search On 2020 Youtube Video | Summary

Google's October 2020 Search On Presentation Summary

Below is an embed of Google's October 2020 Search On Presentation. In this thirty six min and thirty second presentation goes through how search has evolved, how the millions of lines of code over the decades of Google's evolution helps people find what they want. It's all about organizing the world's information, yes, that mission doesn't change, but Google is now: 

  • Able to understand user search queries despite the 1 in 10 misspelled queries and provide accurate results. 
  • Index specific passages within content, whereas before it was much less specific. 
  • Find and navigate key moments in videos through A.I. powered understanding. For example, when you just want to understand how to do a specific part of a recipe, you can search and find that part of the video. 
  • Pinpoint is a free tool for reporters to sift through mountains of data in seven languages to make their stories accurate by finding the facts that matter. 
  • Sub topics are now presents on a search results page where the search may be very broad; this way users can drill down into those sub topics where at first they may not know they existed or needed prompts like this to dig deeper. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

BrightEdge For Enterprise SEO - Review

 Enterprise SEO Is Best Done With BrightEdge

I've sat through demos to learn more about all of the top enterprise SEO platforms: BrightEdge, seoClarity, SearchMetrics, and Conductor. Of them all, BrightEdge is hands-down the best SEO platform for enterprise SEO, primarily because it has superior UX / UI in my opinion. 
brightedge seo platform review

Because SEO is now a channel that gets executive attention, reporting needs to be executive friendly. That means a CMO needs to be able to go to the CEO with a report that is high enough level, and that looks ultra professional or else it gets dismissed as too technical, petty, or somehow irrelevant. 

While SEO toolsets like Moz or SEMrush are good for technical crawls and keyword research, BrightEdge puts it all together and offers advanced A.I. powered features and recommendations that make it an obvious choice for SEO for the Fortune level brands I work with. Also, features like Opportunity Forecasting make it possible to determine a value on keywords in a way that can help users understand return on investment, which is great in an industry that has historically been questioned about "when SEO will pay off" or how do we know what ranking for x keyword is worth. Another thing many people undervalue is customer service, and in this way BrightEdge does well. Accounts come with customer success support, and custom solutions to enterprise level requests, which means you are often talking with a live, dedicated support person who is there for the duration of the account. This is extremely helpful in escalating technical problems or addressing how-to questions fast. 

Don't Toss Out The Best SEO Tools

That does not mean I don't still like doing ad hoc projects with Screaming Frog, or jumping into Moz, SEMrush or ahrefs for a quick task. It's just that BrightEdge is a comprehensive solution that companies can go all in on. 

Cost of BrightEdge

BrightEdge pricing is generally based on the number of keywords, but it's more complex than that because there are separate pricing charts for different features, like Content, etc. With that said on the low end BrightEdge can be less than $10,000 a year with a couple of hundred keywords, under an agency rate, but generally for enterprise where you want to track thousands of keywords and have the best support expect to look at BrightEdge's premium pricing as an investment like any other enterprise level platform with a high pricetag, like Hubspot, Tableau, Netsuite, etc. But, because many Fortune businesses are competing for keywords worth millions of dollars, sometimes more, a platform that help create that type of revenue in a way that is owned (SEO vs. SEM) vs. paid, it's still a good deal. Add to that the executive support that plays in when the reporting starts creating a good case for more resources, and it's a win-win formula. 


I work with BrightEdge as a partner at Tombras (the best independent digital marketing agency in the USA imo) so there is definitely bias here, but I've spent a few years as a Director of SEO using it on many high level enterprise accounts, and believe it's a solid platform and better than all the others out there at this time.

Contact Me Here Or Connect On LinkedIn To Talk BrightEdge & Enterprise SEO

I'm BrightEdge Certified too. Glad to talk with anyone who is interested in setting up the platform or if you already have it, getting more out of it. We can jump on a call and I can listen to what you're wanting to do and then provide feedback on the SEO team you want to build around such a platform. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

eMobility Marketing

 Marketing For eMobility Brands

McKinsey published a 2019 / 2020 121 page report on the future of mobility, which is all electric. Great for the planet, and a whole new world for how we transport people and product. In fact the 2020 eMobility ecosystem is worth $390 B according to an Altran report, which also noted that even as early as 2017 1.2 M electric vehicles were sold. A whole lined up of new 2020 ev trucks are coming out  which includes the EV Hummer, Electric Ford, Lordstown Endurance, Bollinger B2, Nikola Badger, and of course the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T. 

Start-Up eMobility Marketing
electric lightning

eMobility start-ups like Tesla's electric vehicles (electric cars, cybertrucks & electric semi trucks) or the less well known Rivian (trucks) sought to be first to market with differentiated ev car & truck designs, features, and safety systems. Many are or will capitalize on emerging EV trends such as: connectivity, autonomous self driving cars, trucks and semi-trucks, car and truck subscriptions, personalization, and more on-demand ride-sharing. Some will compete on price, like Chinese Kandi's K27 that will debut in California for $7999. Speaking of Chinese EV start-ups, did you see that Nio's EV stock surged 9%? Because China has committed on so many levels to taking the country fully electric, we are likely to see Chinese brands leading the electrical vehicle market by 2025 or before. 

Start-ups will be relying on ultra cool factors that are swiftly publicized and become viral on social. Expect marketing to be just as unorthodox and guerilla "Musk" style, whereas established enterprise brands may be just gaining traction in the space will dedicate large dedicated marketing campaigns to the effort that will span all channels and eventually absorb consumer attention, with the exception of a few notable darlings, like Tesla. 

Enterprise EV Marketing

While the start-up game has an edge when innovation and other special features are a factor, large companies like Volkswagen, Volvo, Daimler etc. have entered the scene. In 2019 Volkswagen launched an international emobility marketing campaign, and 2020 saw some noticeable gains in production, but 2021 is predicted to be the electric revolution. 

Enterprise brands are just now polishing their marketing campaigns to roll out in earnest in 2021, along with what we can expect will be matching production goals. Expect these campaigns to be agency driven, with big budgets and executive eyes on every aspect of the KPIs. Unlike start-ups that may use OKRs to measure success, established brands will still be grinding hard on more traditional forms of tracking results. 

And, therein lies the challenge, in creating products that have the same brand swagger and electrifying design impact that has become the norm for companies like Tesla - which just released and simultaneously sold out of the lightning bolt bottled tequila (comment if you have any for sale).  Naturally the $250 per bottle started out as an April Fool's joke. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Onewheel Rentals In Asheville NC

Can you rent a Onewheel in Asheville NC?

Because I've been hearing a lot about the Onewheel, I want to try it out. Where can I try a Onewheel? Not in Asheville, apparently - comment if you find one.

onewheel rentals asheville nc
When I Googled whether you can rent a Onewheel in Asheville NC I noticed the store locator page come up: The one store in the Asheville area that carries Onewheel was: 

Southern Raft Supply 2000 Riverside Drive, AshevilleNC 28804United States

But, when I looked them up, I saw in the Citizen Times they were closed down. 

So, now I'm still looking for a place to try out the Onewheel, and while I see will ship you a Onewheel, starting at $199, but the ten day rental is $349, and who knows what the add-ons are, or liability if you wreck it. 

And, I see this site too that has listings with people who want to rent their Onewheels, and someone in Asheville has one for rent for $100 a day, which to me sounds high. 

rent a one wheel in asheville nc

Some questions I've been researching: 

Is a Onewheel worth it?

At around $1000 for the smaller Onewheels to nearly 2k for the bigger ones, it looks like a monthly financing option is available at something like $50 a month. But, I don't think it is worth that kind of money, even if it is an innovative product that took years to create and then patent (

How long does the Onewheel last?

I've read the tire lasts a thousand miles, which if the battery lasts 8 miles then that gives you 125 rides before that big boy needs to be replaced, which looks like only around $100 but then unless you have someone near you that can replace a Onewheel tire, then you need to go to this page and send it in:

Can you ride Onewheel in rain? Is the Onewheel waterproof?

When I see videos of Onewheels carving up beach sand, i'm thinking hmm, and then when I research it, I see that Onewheels can't really handle real rain, puddles, or they shouldn't even get really be careful taking one out on a cloudy day when the rain might start coming down.

Is Onewheel safe?

I can't believe anything is safe that you ride on which requires a helmet, but it's like a bicycle or anything else that involves the risk of going at a faster speed than most people run and possibly wrecking.

What has the experience been like for you?

Play Space Invaders Online for Free Here | Retro Video Game Embed

Play Space Invaders On Line For Free 

Play a free game of space invaders below: 

I was watching Netflix's "High Score" series, a documentary about the history of the video game counter culture, which begins with the story of Space Invaders. I then wanted to play a game of  Space Invaders, and so I, play Google Space Invaders on line for free, and I saw this site offers it and then offers a space invaders embed code that you can use to embed the video game on your own blog or website - To embed use this code: <iframe src="" style="width:800px;height:550px;border:none;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

One thing I found interesting was how this retro arcade game founder, Tomohiro Nishikado, sketched out his space invaders pixel art in a notebook to see how his alien squid / octupi / crabs would appear on the console screen, here below is some space invaders street art on a building wall in Manchester England, 2004 (from Wikipedia / Flickr), showing the pixelated art that Nishikada originally sketched.

Manchester Space Invader.jpg
By <a href="//" class="extiw" title="flickruser:49180634@N05">KylaBorg</a> - <a href="//" class="mw-redirect" title="Flickr">Flickr</a>: <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">IMG_4573</a>, CC BY 2.0, Link

Friday, November 6, 2020

Metal Monolith found in Utah desert location on map - Google Earth

Utah Metal Monolith Location On Google Earth Map Here

An artist or alien :) erected a 3 meter high metallic monolith resembling the one in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Someone posted on reddit that this the monolith's location on Google Earth:,-109.66609761,1314.60328611a,136.15957716d,35y,0h,0t,0r

Or if you look to the center of the screenshot below you can see it.

metal monolith location google earth photo image

Someone posted on reddit that this the monolith's location on Google Earth:,-109.66609759,1514.15128393a,197341.72028583d,35y,0h,0t,0r

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Bamboo Elimination - Bamboo For Sale in Asheville NC

bamboo elimination bamboo for sale asheville nc

Bamboo For Sale / Getting Rid of Bamboo Asheville NC 

Bamboo is notoriously difficult to remove, much less permanently eliminate. But one man's reviled "bamboo" is another man's revered bamboo, right? Hence the title, bamboo elimination, bamboo for sale. 

Here in Asheville North Carolina bamboo can grow really well up to 20+ feet, at least that was what the colony of bamboo was doing in my yard. And, this type of bamboo is thick, almost too big for the loppers to clasp, bigger than a fist. First year it sleeps, second it creeps, third, it's leaps - yep! 

It is obviously the spreading variety of bamboo, not clumping. My first thoughts were to trim back the thick 20 x 40 area it covered, and then I realized how much more yard I would have if I were to find a way to permanently eliminate the bamboo patch. Because our bamboo grows as part of a colony which extends from the neighbor's yard there really isn’t a way to completely kill it all off. But the problem I’m seeing is that once it is mostly cut down, there are piles and piles of bamboo in the yard. Because I’m in Arden North Carolina where the city trash does not service yard waste pick up I have to figure out away now to get rid of the bamboo. 

Bamboo Cuttings / Plants For Sale in Asheville NC

 One thing I’m thinking of doing is propagating the bamboo. I’ve read that I just need to cut a few 10 inch sections with two or three nodes in tact and put that into a six inch pot and they will take off growing. I see were other nurseries who sell bamboo around Asheville charge around $20 for a bamboo potted plant. When I run out of bamboo stalks that were left over from the cutting then I can start digging up the rhizomes which will eventually send up more shirts and more bamboo. So eventually I will need to cut all the rhizomes out anyway. Might as well start selling bamboo plants to the public right? 

Digging a Trench To Contain Bamboo

Digging a trench can help to control most spreading bamboo, once it is removed or as a living colony. How deep does bamboo grow? I found rhizomes at around 22 inches, so the bamboo trench has to be a couple feet deep and managed (yes you have to make it wide enough to clip the creeping rhizomes or else it bridges across the trench). There are metal bamboo barriers for sale, but they need to be like half inch thick and cost hundreds of dollars, and then need to be installed. 

Bamboo Burns and Cooks Well As Hot Coals

Bamboo I have found actually burns quite well even when green in our fire pit so we have been doing quite a bit of cooking with the bamboo waste as a way of trying to get rid of it now but it is cut. Bamboo coals also burn evenly and hot which is saving us from buying fire wood. But there are literally still probably hundreds of sticks of bamboo lying around. 

Free Bamboo Posted On Facebook

I’ve posted to the neighborhood Facebook group to see if anybody wants free bamboo. One man came out with his clippers and took a bit of it for his son to make a table with but there’s still so much more. 

Sell Bamboo Sticks Instead Of Lemonade

This past weekend in fact I cut a lot of it into six foot sections with my nephew and we went set up a bamboo fighting sticks stand instead of a lemonade stand. He ended up doing well, there is still a lot of bamboo left in the yard. 

Making Bamboo Pull Up Bars

 We thought of building some pull up bars with the bamboo or making some teepee or dome structure with all the bamboo or even making a bamboo Christmas tree and stringing it with lights and ornament. But, one thing to know is that bamboo loses strength over time for construction purposes if it is not treated. I know this because I already used a number of bamboo stalks to line the flower beds, and over time it went from a beautiful emerald green to a tan brown with sections cracking. So, I burned the old stuff and replaced it. That's how much bamboo we have. 

Shoots of Bamboo

 Now I’ve noticed new shoots of bamboo coming up and they are some of them two and 5 feet tall after only a few weeks. I've read bamboo can grow up to four feet a day making it the world's most renewable resource. They come up a camouflage type of purple color so I didn’t even notice them. I actually chewed on them to see what they were taste like until I read that bamboo shoots should be boiled because it contains a form of cyanide. I didn’t feel anything after chewing on it but I was watching for respiration rate increases and other symptoms after reading that.