Executive Summary

Ex-Professor (Finance, Sustainable Business, Management, Leadership) in the USA, China, and South / Central America, with Universities like Virginia Tech & Warren Wilson.

Jonathan Poston has a business / start-up focused Master's degree (business administration / entrepreneurship coursework), and experience owning P&Ls, building and leading best-in-class teams (+contractors, agency partners, cross departmental resources, etc.), defining & executing digital road maps, overseeing digital strategy development, planning, and testing initiatives.

  • Performance management & analysis of metrics, kpis, and goals.
  • Establishing standard operating procedures & processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Continuous performance optimization for digital campaigns.
  • Aligning with product & marketing managers, web developers & designers, along with primary stakeholders to deliver world class digital customer touch points.
  • Managing the curation and integration of digital platforms.
  • Proven track record of delivering results.
  • Deep understanding of user story and customer journey.

In Theater Rental Amazon Prime - No Need To Go Out To The Movies

Amazon Prime Video Cinema Brings Movies Out In Theaters To Home

I just noticed on Amazon that you can now get access to the movies in theaters through Amazon Prime's Video Cinema. Here is the screen I see on my Amazon account: 

The theater movies that are available for home viewing as of 3/31/2020 through Amazon are: 

  • Disney's Onward
  • I still believe
  • EMMA
  • Bloodshot
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • The Way Back
  • The Invisible Man
  • Birds of Prey
  • The Hunt


Yeah, not that many for now, but I bet with the new world of no touch and social distancing there will be more coming soon.

Should I continue to advertise with paid media & paid search during Coronavirus?

Yes, you should keep advertising during coronavirus, here's why

The knee jerk reaction is to stop advertising when a recession or crises occurs, usually because it is so easy to turn off the paid media / paid search  and because the first thing that comes to mind is - well no one is buying so why advertising, won't it be a waste of money? 

This article  makes it clear that advertising during a recession is fully warranted in order to maintain market share. It's just like why it is important to invest in stocks during a bear market even though the urge is to cash in and run.

Good business principles dictate that what is right is usually counter-intuitive, something akin to running straight into fear in order to resolve it. Granted some industries are thriving and will always thrive during crises and right now some of the businesses that are doing well during coronavirus might be toilet paper, bidets, meal planning (note Blue Apron's stock increase streak), medical masks, dog masks, hand sanitizer, medical supplies, cooking equipment like cast iron pans and grills, home gym equipment, games and movies that are streamed and played while hunkered down and social distancing. 


Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh Economy Outlook During Covid

How Coronavirus is expected to affect Chapel Hill, Durhan & Raleigh

Currently, March 23 2020, real estate sales are strong in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham. Houses are still getting offers within 24 hours of being lists and multiple offers are coming in. 

In the question, "Which areas will likely be most resilient?" featured in an article on LinkedIn titled "Where The Recession Will Hurt Most", there is a snippet: "Agricultural towns like Madera, California, and tech-focused university cities like Provo, Utah, and Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C., according to Brookings."

In this Brookings study about what places a covid 19 recession will hit hardest, we see that "among the 100 largest metro areas, the economically safest are mostly tech-oriented university towns. Provo, Utah is the least exposed, followed by Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C., Hartford, Conn., Albany, N.Y., and San Jose, Calif."

This is in contrast to cities focused on tourism and gas like Honolulu, Las Vegas, Laredo & Midland Tx, which are expected to be hit the hardest during the covid 19 recession. It is also expected that agriculture based cities will fair well.

Any other thoughts - comments welcomed.

Voice Search Optimization For Large Coporations

Voice Search Optimization Phases, Tools & Development 

Consider the Phases Prior To Implementing a Voice Search Optimization Strategy

 The first thing to understand about what it means for large businesses to get started with voice search is that there are phases. Before all of the phases, there will be discovery where stakeholders consider the cost and benefits of innovating an existing infrastructure and updating it to be voice search friendly, just like what was done with mobile. It took some companies years to upgrade to responsive, once they realized it was an inevitably.

Once the commitment is made on an executive level, and there is a voice search budget (which should at the minimum be 100k on the content side just to move some viable research into implementation - for development, depending on what kind of voice search application, more like 500k, unless it is an Alexa skill- the cost to create an Alexa skill starts around 50k for a reputable firm to take on a project like this) to do what needs to be done.

Then there is a research phase which involves using a lot of different tools and platforms.There is a planning stage phase where the competition is assessed and considered. There is finally the implementation phase where before anything is done all approvals must be made, and phases created for each (content, voice search app dev, etc.). Then once implementation occurs,  put tracking in place so improvements or modifications can be made, and learnings can be gained in order to evolve the campaign  / products as a whole.

Research Phase

The research phase of voice search optimization includes figuring out what phrases or keywords your customers will likely to be using. Because Google is now evolved to become more of an answers engine rather than a search engine much of the research phase will involve selecting and finding keywords and phrases that are more geared towards asking questions, and providing answers. So, you will need to find a lot of keywords that match those questions and shape the answers. For example a voice optimization search research phase for a restaurant may find people are asking, where is the best chicken sandwich near me, and the corresponding answer may be, the best chicken sandwich in X City (New York City, etc.) is at X. That content may also have ratings and other supporting content in order to validate that claim.


Once all of this is done then there is a lot of raw search data and a lot of opportunities that can be considered from this data set. This is where priorities are made based on business goals or where many of the keywords and phrases are eliminated because maybe they are too competitive or maybe they are just not relevant so there is actually a lot of planning that needs to be done to prepare a final strategy. 

Strategy Implementation

 The implementation phase is when all the planning has been done and a final strategic approach has been determined in terms of what voice keywords will be used, on what pages they will be used, on how the content will be created or modified, and how to accommodate those keywords. Usually during implementation there are number of approvals that need to be gained before making these changes. There are of course sub-phases to consider with this, which would be content planning and implementation graphic design that supports that content development.  For example consider a restaurant that wants its customers to be able to go to the website and order food right there from the website. That is a case where the web development team will need to create a order by voice application that lets visitors to that restaurant's website order by voice right there from an order page. That build will require it's own set of phases.

Other Considerations

Voice search tool sets and platforms

While there are a number of seo keyword research tools that can be used to figure out what types of keywords are being used for voice search commands and queries, such as MOZ, BrightEdge, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc., it is important to note that there will likely be new voice search optimization tools or existing tools that are updated for voice search, so stay turned.

Partner with development

One thing to consider with voice search is that while voice search optimization can guide the process of selecting keywords and phrases that will be used in commands and queries that are made by voice A.I. assistants or different ordering applications set up to be voice oriented, many voice applications will actually need to be developed beyond simply optimizing content on a website for voice search Q&A. This may be as easy as developing a new skill developed on Alexa which is already a voice search oriented platform or as complex as creating a voice search ordering application from scratch which will be a much different, more complex mission. But either way voice search optimizers should be prepared to partner with development teams in order to get the most out of the voice search reality that is coming to our digital world in the near future.

Tombras Group Review - What It Is Like To Work There 2020

Working At The Tombras Group In 2020 - Knoxville TN Ad Agency

Here is what I wrote in a Glassdoor review, which I hope you will mark as helpful here (if you find it so)

Tombras as a company is growing at an incredible pace: 350 employees, Fortune 500 clients, and values that make people proud to work here. Before I first accepted the position, I read all of the glassdoor reviews, and there were some that made me wonder what Tombras was really like. You never know until you get a few months in. I am now over two years in, and feel like I have a deep understanding of the company and culture.

Tombras leaders have been really smart to have literally transformed the entire company in only two years. The calculated risks this family of entrepreneurs made are paying off for everyone involved. Here is my story, so far... A couple of years ago, Tombras had made a huge jump from several offices outside of town into now operating from its own modern building in downtown Knoxville, with an amazing rooftop area where creatives work under a blue sky and with a fresh breeze coming off of the Appalachians. I have spent many warm weather days up there working. Tombras has its own parking lot and the best location downtown. It is literally the best place to work in Knoxville.

Our dept has increased staff by like 500% - and the retention is nearly 100%, with most everyone getting annual promotions (though that is not a given). IMO, that is a testament of a strong business, with the empathy of one that is independent and family run. We have paternity leave, and loads of other summer days off and holidays. Go out for lunch, dinner, or evening beverages, and everyone in town will "know" you if you're from Tombras, having stories to share, or wanting the latest news about what Tombras is doing next.

The effect this creates is magical, especially for recruiting, which means some of the world's best ad agency professionals are working here, moving in from NYC, SF, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, pretty much all over. I think I saw someone just started is from South Africa. Legit pros, every single person here. People who have worked on Super Bowl ads, award-winning paid search and SEO accounts, every creative endeavor you can imagine. Inside of the building is a blend of Manhattan meets NASA Mission Control (i.e. the big screens in the wing dedicated to Analytics / Data Science displaying live metrics and kpis across hundreds of key data points).

All of this means we are working with many of the popular household brands - I can't say here anything about the Silicon Valley tech start-up we just started working with, but you would definitely know it, because you've used it. Who hasn't. It is often surreal, with film and creative crews packing up and catching flights around the world to visit clients. Often clients visit Knoxville, which has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife and outdoors, and I think some spend a few extra days in town enjoying the visit.

Tombras also has locations in Atlanta, Charlotte, New York City, Nashville, and Washington D.C.. Ultimately, if you want to be on the absolute sharpest edge in the ad world today, whether you are just starting out, or coming in as a seasoned pro, Tombras is I want to say top ten in the USA in terms of the clients we work with and press we get, but in my opinion, Tombras is a stratospheric black swan, a rising force that is taking the industry by complete surprise.

Coronavirus Layoffs | List of Companies

 List of Companies Laying Off Employees Because of Covid-19 Coronavirus - 2020

With a nearly complete economic shutdown in the USA because of the March 2020 covid-19 coronavirus, a growing list of companies are laying off workers. The New York Times printed an article March 17 titled the "layoffs are starting and the forecasts are bleak". What companies are laying off now? Here's a list. 

  1. Mariott - tens of thousands - source
  2. MGM resorts closed 150 bars and restaurants - source
  3. Caesars Entertainment - source
  4. Compass Coffee - source
  5. Dubliner - source
  6. Cirque Du Solei - source
  7.  GE  - source
  8. Scandinavia Airlines - source
  9. Air Canada - source
  10. Trump's Hotels - source
  11. Sonder- source
  12. NRA - source
  13. Mitchell Plastics - source
It is sad that companies do not have the financial resources to last for more than a few days without laying people off - but these first waves of layoffs are coming from industries most affected like, hospitality, restaurants, travel, events, etc. and will most likely continue as the virus spreads and begins to cause real damage. 

If you know of companies laying off, feel free to comment with details. 

Where Do Voice Assistants Get Local Business Information | Google, Siri, Cortana, Alexa

Sources of Content & Information That Apple's Siri, Google Voice, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana Use For Answers  - Table 

Apple Siri Google Voice Assistant  Amazon Alexa Microsoft Cortana
Apple Maps Connect Google My Business Yelp Bring Places
Yelp / Others Connect
Yext Yelp


Where Does Siri Get Her Local Business Information? From Apple Maps & Yelp

Where Does Google Voice Assistant Get Local Business Information? From Google My Business

Where Does Amazon Alex Get Local Business Information? From Yelp & Yext

Where Does Microsoft Cortanan Get Local Business Information? From Bing Places & Yelp. 

What Devastation Did Ancient Synthetic Life Wake Up: Picard Episode 8 | Spoilers

The Ancient Synths Caught The Attention Of What? | Picard Spoilers

In Picard, episode 8, it is clear that ancient civilizations that creates synthetic life was destroyed so utterly that there is an artifact - The Admonition - left behind which drives those who receive the images insane. Now the Romulan Zhat Vash are on a mission to destroy all synths out of fear that whatever the creation of the ancient synths woke up or caught the attention of...but what was that? An all powerful demon like Dormammu or a biblical devil? This is the question viewers are left with after episode 8.

It seems clear that the synths themselves were not the threat but somehow their advancement attracted some destroying force. "Like the Zefram Cochrane warp drive," Rios says. "When you cross that line, somebody shows up." But, how would this be that synths could attract such a monster - that evil force would need to be either threatened by synths (so maybe it is another a.i. with an inferiority complex or a powerful race of beings that had its own problems with synthetic lifeforms...or it feeds on synths)...what other reason could there be?

What Was The Admonition And What Came To Destroy Organic Life?

It's pretty clear now that what came was a powerful synthetic life force and that the Admonition was not for the Vulcans but for the synths, as a way to let them know that synth destroyers will come anytime they are needed to destroy captors and oppressors. 

Here Is Jeff Bezos 's Full 4-Page Coronavirus Letter PDF to Amazon

Here Is Jeff Bezos 's Full 4-Page Coronavirus Letter to Amazon  

Jeff Bezos just wrote a four page letter to Amazon employees and posted it to Instagram. In this he is talking about a change in supply and general business at the company in response to Covid-19 where more masks, home essentials, etc. will be available.

Here is a link to a Google doc where you can view the whole four page letter Bezos wrote, or pdf it if you wish: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wTwMaWtUr-Rj3mDvmSUQ9kng9sMAFON-IPwzTyChz7c/edit?usp=sharing

Vivint Smart Home Layoffs - Many Software Engineers Now Available - March 3, 2020

Layoffs at Vivint Smart Home Results In Many Software Engineers In Search Of Opportunities, As Of March 3, 2020

I noticed this LinkedIn post, screen capture below, saying that Vivint Smart Home carried out massive layoffs (March 3, 2020), and it looks like there are a lot of software engineers on the market. In response I tagged a software developer recruiter I know who does a good job representing software talent, and mentioned that the company I'm with has some developer openings (in Knoxville): - https://tombras.com/jobs
Viviant Smart Home Layoffs - March 3, 2020
Viviant Smart Home Layoffs - March 3, 2020

Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) Review 2020

My Review Of  Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)

March 2020 - What interested me in the first place to sign up for the trial version of Xbox Game Pass for PC, was that I was looking into the Microsoft Flight Simulator game that is supposed to release in 2020, but then saw that I might be able to play that and another 100 high quality games on my computer with Xbox Game Pass. 

 Xbox Game Pass photo - recently added games
Source: Xbox Game Pass 2020

Signing up requires a pc with windows 10 or windows 10 pro (which is what I have), and a hotmail address you can create (which requires a phone number or an alternative email address - and a credit card). There is a $1 trial right now and then after that it is $4 per month to run Xbox Game Pass, which must be downloaded as an app. My first download did not install correctly so I had to reinstall it (from Chrome), and now it looks like I am ready to play. Well, not yet, because now the app wants me to sign in, but I don't know whether to play or to join the community. I also see this: This app needs an extra component. Xbox Game Bar is needed for voice chat - Install - which is going to take a few minutes. 

Okay, now that I am signed in I can see the recently added Xbox Game Pass games that include: 

  • Halo: Combat Evolved Annivery
  • Indivisible
  • Wasteland Remastered
  • Sea of Thieves : Anniversy Edition
  • Age of Empires Definitive Edition
    I can also see in search by simulations there is EVERSPACE TM, Cities: Skylines, Frostpunk, but I do not see the Flight Simulator in Xbox Game Pass, so maybe it is not here yet?

    When I go to open Everspace TM it says I can buy it with my Xbox Pass membership for $23.99 so it looks like games are not free? But there is also a green install button...hmmm, do I want to test it on a game that got three stars...no. Next. 

    I see Age of Empires and when I go to download which looks initially like I can do it for free, I am taken to a screen to choose between the beta or upgrade to Ultimate for a dollar more, what! I am still not playing a game two hours into registering. Yes, it takes 2 hours to get started playing games on Xbox pass - I am getting frustrated here. 

    xbox game pass versus xbox game pass ultimate
    I want to find at least one game I can play before ending this blog....

    I am back to the downloading Age of Empires, not sure how I got sidetracked but now the question is how long does it take to download a game from Xbox pass beta and the answer is a long time - for example it has been 5 minutes and it is at 8%, which means it could take me around half an hour. 11%....15% well, it looks like I'm going to have to continue this in another blog titled Age of Empires for Xbox pass review. 

    And, now that I have some time, I have found:

    How to stop payment of reoccurring charges for Xbox pass...

    Will Fighter Pilots Be Replaced By Ai Robots | Automation Age Of Computers

    Will Fighter Pilots Become Obsolete - Fighter Pilots Will Be Replaced By Drones By 2030

    This recent article  highlights the fireside chat where Elon Musk said, "the fighter jet era has passed". If Elon says it many people believe it will come to pass, so the answer to the question of whether fighter pilots will have no future, is yes, they will be and that alternative future is already here where human flown drones can easily replace fighter pilots. It is the next thing to fall to the era of automation and safety. Why risk human lives if we can use drones? Well, this is a page right out of the movie, Stealth, where an ai drone was created to replace fighter pilots, and while it turned out with the ai drone fighter pilot becoming a great pilot, it certainly validated general fears of an ai drone gone bad. And, then there is Ultron. Okay futurists, comment with your prediction - is Elon right?

    Macys.com in SF Is Closing - Digital Marketer Talent Pool List | March 2020

    Macys.com in SF Is Closing Down - Talent Pool Opening Up

    Here Is A List of Everyone Looking For New Digital Marketing Jobs

    I noticed this post (below) on LinkedIn about Macys.com closing, along with a link to everyone who is looking for new jobs (this is a new thing - I haven't seen this level of coordination before where an active list of talent from a shut down is available via Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z7lYLj_UhVeqaAfiuPRZCRGb2T9gQT4QvhHDoL0HsQY/edit?usp=sharing

    Spread the word to help everyone find a new opportunity!

    macys.com online store shutting down
    Macys.com Shutting Down - Source: LinkedIn Post

    Retailers That Are Offering Touchless Delivery 2020 | Pizza, Food, Groceries

    Retailers Now Offering Touchless Delivery 

    What is touchless delivery? It is when retailer offer product delivery without interaction with drivers. This is trending because people who want to avoid all contact with other people during the coronavirus scare would like for their deliveries to be dropped off as opposed to handed over. So in this way touchless does not mean that no person has touched the product but that no one is coming to your door, knocking and handing you something.

    For example, in NY, Salvatore's is offering touch-less pizza - this article says, "When ordering delivery, customers may choose to have a touch-less delivery which means the delivery driver will knock, drop off the order outside the customer’s door so the customer will not have to interact with the driver."

    Amazon delivery drivers already drop off goods to the door in by this definition would be a touch-less delivery.

    What businesses in your area are offering this type of delivery to help prevent the spread of germs?

    How Will A Digital Dollar Change The USA

    American Digital Dollar - When Is It Coming?

    digital dollar american usd
    Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
    Mention of a digital dollar popped up, or shall we say flickered, in the stimulus bill that was passed United States the weekend of March 28-29-2020. The public does not know why it was there or why it got taken out but the mere inclusion of a digital dollar in a covid-19 countermeasure is an indication that digital dollars are coming.

    In fact, is is likely the digital dollar will be created as a direct result of the corona virus. Why? First, viruses and bacteria can stay on money like dollar bills for days under the right conditions and spread disease, so digitizing the American currency will help limit germ spread, the current pandemic, and future pandemics. But, also it is important to note that as a country we need to introduce a digital currency, especially if we want to keep up with the competition, like China (who was expected to release the digital yuan this year before coronavirus hit, until it was delayed). This is a good opportunity for the USA to beat China to minting it's own digital dollars while bolstering the economy by reassuring the public a positive change is coming.

    Additionally a digital dollar will increase the speed and efficiency at which transactions take place, and may eventually replace or overshadow the likes of bitcoin, which pose a threat to banks and currency in general.

    Covid-19 could just be a good excuse to introduce the digital dollar because who is going to complain, whereas outside of this window of time, the concerns would be enough to create a major fight, especially with personal privacy advocacy groups who will argue that a digital currency is another measure to control the populations with tracking and monitoring, offering a kill switch essentially on any targeted individual (though the teeth of such a transition would not become as sharp until paper money is eliminated).

    For the above to be true, a possible timeline for a digital dollar would need to be 2021-2022 during Covid-19 or immediately after. Outside of that will offer those who oppose too much room to fight it.

    Naturally a digital dollar would benefit the US economy/financial infrastructure because it will be cheaper than using all of the systems to print, maintain, and distribute paper money, but during the transition it is be more expensive to maintain both. Everything from collecting taxes to lending will be revolutionized by a digital dollar. Now we enter into the age of digital transformation in earnest, thanks to covid-19.

    No Touch Era Is Officially Here: Sterile Delivered Meals, No Handshakes, Face Masks, VR Sex

    The Future Is a No Touch World 

    MC Hammer's Can't Touch This foretold of a world where humans stopped touching each other. The recent coronavirus galvanizes this trend, with people who are not normally germaphobes declining handshakes, like Angela Merkle's interior minister refusing to shake her hand. Will dating eventually be surgical gloves intertwined and mask mashing? Maybe. Although Biden with his inappropriate touching scandals may hope to change that if he is elected president. 

    But, in a way, what can we expect with decades of sex education on avoiding venereal diseases, well meaning grandparents giving newborns herpes cold sores with pecks on the lips, and mass media causing a collapse of the tourism and events business in 2020. In the age of information, the primary virus is fear and paranoia, and all that takes is idea transmission. However, the behavior changes that follow in our no touching era will be explosions sales for flu masks, gloves, disinfectants like Lysol and hand sanitizer, cancel free live streaming entertainment and events, touch free meal delivery, along with surging rates of porn and adult sex toy sales. The world is too dirty, especially for war, which is why there are drones to do that nasty business. School and work are likely to go remote now with corporations and schools closing in Washington State and New York City. 

    Quarantine is nothing new to the western mind however, as deadly diseases swept through Europe like the plagues, people figured something had to be done, and our instinct of avoidance is good about resulting in a no touch solution. 

    So, how do you decline the next hand shake, like Doc Holiday, "forgive me if I don't shake hands", or by standing there and waiting until the eager outstretched hand is put back into its pocket holster? It's easy, simply say, I don't shake hands, because if nothing else we have gained in the self reliant age of burning man is the power of edgy assertiveness. 


    Google Sheets Pivot Table Template Sample With How To Instructions

    To create a pivot table in google sheets, select all data that should go into the pivot table, then select "data" in the top menu and "pivot table" in the drop down. Then you can create a new sheet or tab to populate the pivot table in. Then over in the right you can select what you want to see like you can see in the sample pivot table in the tab here named Pivot Table 1.

    Link to the Google Sheet Template Pivot Table Sample & How To: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UgokEs6tJbdW6_ZH5eVw5hkZyMgvUqFvWDI_QtkNrs8/edit?usp=sharing

    Sample data source: https://developers.google.com/sheets/api/samples/pivot-tables

    The Book Of Tea By Kakuzo Okakura (Review) | Pdf Download

    My Review of Kakuzo's The Book Of Tea - PDF Download Link

    This short shall I say booklet or manuscript (pdf download link here: https://tug.org/texshowcase/partofTheBookofTea.pdf - when I tested it the pdf of all 21 pages came up) that I bought the other month has taken me weeks to read because it is so philosophical, so I've read passages and reflected on them for a day or two before reading on. Some of my favorite passages and quotes, I'll mention herein, because they contain words and thoughts that I had not considered, so first of all I'll say this is a book that will make you think differently, and everyone loves that idea in 2020 right, the year of nootropics / smart drugs, though it is not a jet fuel for the brain, more of a watching the snow like it is the first time kind of reading. 
    Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash

    The Beginning Of Tea, As an Art & Religion

    The Book of Tea starts with this: "Tea began as medicine and grew into a beverage....it entered the realm of poetry as one of the polite amusements." I love the way that is stated. It goes on to discuss teaism as if it is a religion to the Japanese, "No student of Japanese culture could ever ignore its presence." 

    "Why not consecrate ourselves to the queen of the Camelias...." That indicates a path of peace, drink tea, make peace with ourselves and the world. A nice thought. 

    It points out a contrast between East and West (mind you it was 1906): "You have gain expansion at the cost of restlessness; we have created a harmony which is weak against aggression."

    "Let us dream of evanescence, and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things." The next time I have tea, my mind will go outside and play, like I am seven again, with these lines fresh in my heart. 

    "Each preparation of the (tea) leaves has its individuality, its special affinity with water and heat, its own method of telling a story." In this way, the way I dropped a tea bag of ginger and tumeric this morning into a mug and two minutes later by microwave it was ready defies the entire spirit of teaism. 

    "The Buddhists used (tea) it extensively to prevent drowsiness during their long hours of meditation." I had read about tea being used for meditation, but that it is mentioned in The Book Of Tea reinforces its importance. 

    Evolution Of Tea Types Over Chinese Dynasties

    It insinuates that the poets of the southern dynasties referred to tea as "froth of the liquid jade." This  was obviously in the era when tea was made by frothing it like a modern day matcha (interesting to see the Chinese sound for tea, cha, 茶 is the character in the word mat"cha") The evolution of tea takes us from when it was boiled into cakes, to powdered and whipped, to finally when it was steeped, which marked the "distinct emotional impulses of the Tang (the earliest tea Classic era boiling tea), the Sung (the Romantic era of powdering tea), and the Ming the Naturalistic era of steeping tea) dynasties of China." 

    On the Selecting The Best Leaves For Tea And The Best Color For Teacups

    Luwuh, a poet, author of the Chaking, the Holy Scripture of Tea, created The Code of Tea, which in three volumes and ten chapters informs on the selection of tea leaves from the Camelia Sinensis bush, and how the best quality leaves should have notable creases and curl, and unfold "like a mist rising out of a ravine" and "gleam like a lake touched by a zephyr", and "be wet and soft like fine earth newly swept by rain." 

    Luwuh considered a blue tea cup the best because it imbued the beverage with additional greenness, where a white tea cup would make tea look too pinkish. Because this was the case with cake tea that was boiled the color preference changed to " heavy bowls of blue-black and dark brown" when the Sung dynasty began powdering tea, and then again with the Mings and their light white porcelain for the steeped tea. 

    Zen & Taoist Tea Rituals

    When the Zen monks claimed tea, we see such understandings arise, such as focus on the process of drinking tea, not the completion, and a shift from a poetical past time to one of the methods of self realization. Zen tea masters obsessed with cleaning every particle of dust from exorbitantly priced tea houses built to look aged, "intended to give the suggestion of refined poverty". "Teaism was daosim in disguise." Tea reflects then the mood of the universe, points to the Great Transition. Drinking tea was utterly useless, which freed man from the bonds of proving oneself in order to get ahead, "why do men and women like to advertise themselves so much? Is it not but an instinct derived from the days of slavery?"

    Mushroom Grow Space to Revenue Calculator

    Mushroom Cultivation & Selling Wholesale | Mushroom Business Profit Calculations

    It seems like everyone is wanting to home grow edible mushrooms (shitakes, oysters, lion's mane, etc.) and sell them at the farmer's market for retail or in a scaled way to retail stores for wholesale rates.
    Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash - Shitake mushrooms for sale

    Here is small scale commercial mushroom growing space to revenue calculator inputs and outputs based initially off of a 10 square meter space, converted to feet. Beyond knowing how to grow mushrooms one should know how space to revenue growth looks too. The wholesale rates are set at $6 for shitakes whereas some may get $4 and other expensive mushrooms like hen of the woods or lion's mane at around $8. Still others like chanterelle mushrooms, chaga, or morels may only be foraged as there is not good indoor growth success rates or options for these.

    Description Calculation Notes Standard
    Input 1 Grow Space square feet (ft2) 32.8

    Output 1 Hours To Work 12 hrs (12 hrs for every 32.8 square feet 12 hrs
    Output 2 Mushroom volume yield 22 pounds
    Output 3 Wholesale Revenue $132 dollars (at $6 a pound) $132