Saturday, January 2, 2021

Hello DisneyPlus , goodbye Netflix

Should I Cancel Netflix & Subscribe To Disney +  - Yes! 

Is Disney+ better than Netflix? Well, I just cancelled Netflix, and subscribed to Disney +. Why make the change? Disney + is the future, with the shift from theme parks to online streaming. Look at the Disney / Pixar's Soul, as an exciting new release, versus Netflix's outdated releases like Cobra Kai. There is the question of whether you should subscribe to both Netflix & Disney plus. Well, you could, but if you're into downsizing digital subscriptions, and just choosing the best ones, then my suggestion is pick Disney+ which costs less at $6.99 a month vs. Netflix which starts at $8.99 per month. In terms of creative, Disney + is way more likely to produce higher quality flicks, along with offering even better older classics, like Big with Tom Hanks (which we're watching tonight - doesn't it make you want to design toys!?) 

disneyplus better than netflix

Also, check out the stock prices too, don't you think Netflix is overpriced and dropping, while Disney is undervalued and on the rise :) Okay, I'm stretching the case to validate my opinion.

Market Summary > Walt Disney Co
181.18 USD +0.0100 (0.0055%)
Closed: Dec 31, 7:24 PM EST · Disclaimer
After hours 181.38 +0.20 (0.11%)

Market Summary > Netflix Inc
540.73 USD +16.14 (3.08%)
Closed: Dec 31, 7:46 PM EST · Disclaimer
After hours 539.50 −1.23 (0.23%)

What do you think?

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