Tuesday, December 1, 2020

IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner Certification Badge Review

 My Review of IBM's Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner Certification / Badge

ibm enterprise design thinking certification review
IBM offers a Design Thinking Practitioner Badge (here). The course is free, and pretty useful. Once you receive the badge, the holder is basically more officially qualified to be involved in the design thinking process, or as IBM's info. page puts it, design thinking badge holders: 
  • participate in design thinking
  • knows the primary user group
  • shares Enterprise Design Thinking 
This design thinking course is free, and as a bonus when you post your acclaim badge (which is the org issuing the badge) on Twitter, you might get some recognition from IBM themselves, like I did :) 

As far as how useful it is, I can say, probably just for the knowledge, and maybe it looks good as a certification you can add on LinkedIn with Acclaim's badge share capabilities, but nothing companies are chasing down to snap up as a certification alone. 

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