Thursday, December 31, 2020

Facebook Marketplace's Weakness: Broken Claim System


Facebook's Marketplace Is Thriving, But Making a Claim Puts Too Much Onus On The Buyer To Resolve The Issue

I've bought hundreds of dollars of merchandise on Facebook, and out of a number of purchases, have only had to make two claims. Learning how to make a claim on Facebook is easy, just click make a claim on the purchase settings, but once that is done, Facebook expects you to reach out to the buyer. And, what do you say, something like I did, which in this case was, 'the watch is broken'. 

So, Facebook then emails you with a no reply email saying the seller has a couple of days to resolve the issue, and tells the buyer which at this point feels a little ripped off or scammed to basically keep trying to work it out with the seller. 

The worst part here, is that even if the buyer can reach Facebook, the time will run up and Facebook will close the claim automatically, and there is no way to really hand the issue over to Facebook that I can find - have you found a way to make claims work?
Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for contacting us about this issue. We allow sellers 2 business days to investigate and resolve purchase-related issues.

Please continue to contact the seller directly to resolve this issue. If they haven't helped resolve the issue to your satisfaction within 2 business days of your original contact, please reach out to us again for additional help.

You can find more information about contacting the seller in the Help Center:


Payments Support Specialist

Jonathan Poston
watch is not working
This is a copy of the message you sent to Facebook. To reach Facebook again, reply directly to this email.
Skagen Unisex Watch$15.00
Qty:  1

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