Thursday, December 31, 2020

2021 SEO: More Technical, Core Web Vitals, Brand Searches

 SEO priorities for 2021 from Seroundtable's Google's John Mueller 2021 Google SEO Advice

If you want to know what SEO will be like in 2021, then here is a round up of highlights that were featured in Seoroundtable, in terms of what should be prioritized:

-Core Web Vitals, page experience, etc.

- Technical SEO will give websites an advantage.

-Technical SEO is complex so bring the pros in.

- Brand name searches will be where it’s at.

-Ranking updates, with core updates will continue.

- Passage indexing, RankBrain, BERT will make all good content rise, even those without good technical SEO at play.

- Continue using structured data to be more visible and interactive within Google’s search results.

What would you add to the list for 2021?

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