Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Tombras Group Review - What It's Like To Work At Tombras

Tombras Ad Group Employee Review

As a Director of SEO at Tombras, I can say: seriously, Don Draper was not hired at Tombras after the show. Neither was there a Jon Hamm sighting at the Tombras Cafe, sharing donuts with Dooley. Tombras is not a Mad Men set, like all the new hire candidates wish . "Thanks for having me here today. I heard Tombras is just like Mad Men, that's why I want to work here." Umm, really. No. Nothing here is like that T.V. show, except maybe &*^^%*^&)*%^%. 

Really though, if the agency could be compared to a anything it would be Ghostbusters, everyone piling into the Ecto 1, turning on the 45 sirens, and singeing mustard-yellow and koi-pond green canvas awnings with proton pack lightning spray throughout Knoxville's Old City, with a final spin stunt reverse parallel parking job in front of Sweet P's BBQ. Exit vehicle in Southern black ties / gala dresses. STOP. Who "pass the potatoes" - more non-swear words - left the Tombras heat back at the office. Pile back in... #infiniteloop 

Most people at Tombras think they are part of the Avengers team, the Justice League, or Star Wars. There are a number of Nick Fury types walking around without the full length leather trench coats and eye patches, but you know by the pace and looks they are in their minds walking around the bridge of the Helicarrier. A few hawkeyes are watching from around the Glassdoor in analytics mission control, a single Dr. Selvig forever patching up the interdimensional doorways popping up in the kitchen on the third floor, and Black Widows...no, there are zero femme fatales pacing innocently by the abandoned elevator shaft ready to pounce and strangle would-be assailants with her electroshock Bite. 

P.S. Ironman left his helmet at the end of a shared desk that is gong to go up on eBay soon if he doesn't return for it. 


What really happens at Tombras is when creatives aren't running movie metaphors in their heads is a lot of enterprise level professional work - it's all business here to match up with the Fortune type brands. Everyone works hard to produce solid product and offer top service, of which clients can't get enough since the agency keeps growing. Aren't you glad I didn't start with that?

"Slimer roams the stairways, take the elevator. And, if you took the stairs first without knowing, then open the fake safe fa├žade panel and pull the cartoon grenade pin to launch the otherwise normal circa 1945 bomb shelter elevator through the top floor glass atrium and fly around for a while in windowless Willy Wonka mode to dry off. "These are the kinds of conversations we might have with someone (Glassdoor lurkers) asking what it's really like inside of Tombras - but alas, the security guards don't do tours, so who knows where the trip wires (cons) are.

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