Sunday, November 1, 2020

Page experience ranking signals for Google Search will launch in May 2021

 Page experience ranking signal | Launches May 2021

Google just announced on Twitter (below) that its page experience ranking signals will launch in May 2021. 

Google Search Central
We're announcing that page experience ranking signals for Google Search will launch in May 2021. This will combine Core Web Vitals and previous UX-related signals.

This will combine Core Web Vitals, "which include: 

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP):  measures the time it takes for the main content of a page to load

First Input Delay (FID):  measures the amount of time that passes between the initial user interaction with the loaded page and the browser response

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS):  measures the visual stability of a page when interacting"                                            *H/T SearchMetrics email 

This will be added to "existing search signals including mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines." -- Google 

What is the New Google Page Experience Signal?

"The page experience signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors makes the web more delightful for users across all web browsers and surfaces, and helps sites evolve towards user expectations on mobile. We believe this will contribute to business success on the web as users grow more engaged and can transact with less friction." Google 

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