Sunday, November 8, 2020

Onewheel Rentals In Asheville NC

Can you rent a Onewheel in Asheville NC?

Because I've been hearing a lot about the Onewheel, I want to try it out. Where can I try a Onewheel? Not in Asheville, apparently - comment if you find one.

onewheel rentals asheville nc
When I Googled whether you can rent a Onewheel in Asheville NC I noticed the store locator page come up: The one store in the Asheville area that carries Onewheel was: 

Southern Raft Supply 2000 Riverside Drive, AshevilleNC 28804United States

But, when I looked them up, I saw in the Citizen Times they were closed down. 

So, now I'm still looking for a place to try out the Onewheel, and while I see will ship you a Onewheel, starting at $199, but the ten day rental is $349, and who knows what the add-ons are, or liability if you wreck it. 

And, I see this site too that has listings with people who want to rent their Onewheels, and someone in Asheville has one for rent for $100 a day, which to me sounds high. 

rent a one wheel in asheville nc

Some questions I've been researching: 

Is a Onewheel worth it?

At around $1000 for the smaller Onewheels to nearly 2k for the bigger ones, it looks like a monthly financing option is available at something like $50 a month. But, I don't think it is worth that kind of money, even if it is an innovative product that took years to create and then patent (

How long does the Onewheel last?

I've read the tire lasts a thousand miles, which if the battery lasts 8 miles then that gives you 125 rides before that big boy needs to be replaced, which looks like only around $100 but then unless you have someone near you that can replace a Onewheel tire, then you need to go to this page and send it in:

Can you ride Onewheel in rain? Is the Onewheel waterproof?

When I see videos of Onewheels carving up beach sand, i'm thinking hmm, and then when I research it, I see that Onewheels can't really handle real rain, puddles, or they shouldn't even get really be careful taking one out on a cloudy day when the rain might start coming down.

Is Onewheel safe?

I can't believe anything is safe that you ride on which requires a helmet, but it's like a bicycle or anything else that involves the risk of going at a faster speed than most people run and possibly wrecking.

What has the experience been like for you?

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