Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Import Openweathermap Data Into Google Sheets With Api Add On

Import Local Weather Data Into Google Sheets With Api Connector Add On

If you're interested in creating weather charts / dashboard in Google Sheets, a good start is signing up for a free api at Openweathermap.com . Then set up a Google sheet, and go to add on and search and install Api connector. Once you've done that, just start the connector and fill out the fields. And you'll see the sheet populated with the weather data for your city. 

To be accurate though, use city id, which you can find on city data look up page at Openweathermap.com https://openweathermap.org/find?q= , which you'll see in the url after inputting the city comma country code, like New York, US. The problem here is states don't come into play so make sure the right city is coming up which you can click on in the map link to make sure.

You'll need to remember to convert Openweathermap.org's temperature which is in Kelvin to whatever unit you want, in this case you can see in the bar the formula I used in sheets to convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit. 

openweather map api data in google sheets import

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