Monday, November 2, 2020

Hover 1 Pioneer Scooter Review: Charger Replacement, Wheel Flat Change Issues, etc.

My Review For Hover 1 Pioneer Scooter -  Problems Finding a Replacement Charger, Changing Tires, Disc Brakes

First, let me say for this review, when the Hover 1 Pioneer Scooter (which incidentally how do you know this is the model, because once you discard the box the name of the model is nowhere to be found on the product! So, I had to take a picture of it and check for it on Google Lens) is running, it is fast and fun. I think it goes like 20 or 25 mph downhill because it looks like the speedometer stops at 15mph. Going up steep hills is difficult (like it has to be walked up) for the Hover One Pioneer Scooter.

First, if you lose the charger for the Hover 1, then it is so difficult to find a replacement. The cost for the factory replacement is around $40, reduced right now for around $30, but then you have to deal with shipping and delays, etc. ( ) 

According to the Hover 1 Pioneer owner's manual, there is only one approved charger: ShenZhen TianHangXing Electronics Co. Ltd Model: THX-420150kV

But, I tested this one from Amazon and it worked fine for me: tangsfire 36V Lithium Battery Charger Output 42V 2A for Electric Bike Batteries Pack DC 5.5mm2.1mmPlug 

Changing Flats

It is a nightmare to remove the tires and change the flats for the Hover 1, and then once you've ripped through the reflective tape to get to the screws, then especially for changing the tire with disc brakes you end up with the scooter not working at all because of a brake sensor showing the brake is not aligned. And, you really want full brake operating efficiency with this fast scooter, so the solution is taking it to a bike shop. When I took this one, they had a few others lined up there too and they scowled a little seeing another come in through the door. But they only charged me $20 and I brought the inner tube.The replacement inner tube I used for the Hover 1 Pioneer was this: aibiku 8.5-Inch Thickened Inner Tubes for Xiaomi M365 / Gotrax Electric Scooter Inflated Spare Tire 8 1/2 x 2 (Pair)

I also asked them to add some Green Goo tire slime sealant like this to prevent future tire pops:

Anyway, comment with your frustrations here, and fun too, because it really is a fun one if you can get past these incredibly huge engineering flaws.

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