Thursday, November 19, 2020

Google: Search On 2020 Youtube Video | Summary

Google's October 2020 Search On Presentation Summary

Below is an embed of Google's October 2020 Search On Presentation. In this thirty six min and thirty second presentation goes through how search has evolved, how the millions of lines of code over the decades of Google's evolution helps people find what they want. It's all about organizing the world's information, yes, that mission doesn't change, but Google is now: 

  • Able to understand user search queries despite the 1 in 10 misspelled queries and provide accurate results. 
  • Index specific passages within content, whereas before it was much less specific. 
  • Find and navigate key moments in videos through A.I. powered understanding. For example, when you just want to understand how to do a specific part of a recipe, you can search and find that part of the video. 
  • Pinpoint is a free tool for reporters to sift through mountains of data in seven languages to make their stories accurate by finding the facts that matter. 
  • Sub topics are now presents on a search results page where the search may be very broad; this way users can drill down into those sub topics where at first they may not know they existed or needed prompts like this to dig deeper. 

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