Sunday, November 15, 2020

BrightEdge For Enterprise SEO - Review

 Enterprise SEO Is Best Done With BrightEdge

I've sat through demos to learn more about all of the top enterprise SEO platforms: BrightEdge, seoClarity, SearchMetrics, and Conductor. Of them all, BrightEdge is hands-down the best SEO platform for enterprise SEO, primarily because it has superior UX / UI in my opinion. 
brightedge seo platform review

Because SEO is now a channel that gets executive attention, reporting needs to be executive friendly. That means a CMO needs to be able to go to the CEO with a report that is high enough level, and that looks ultra professional or else it gets dismissed as too technical, petty, or somehow irrelevant. 

While SEO toolsets like Moz or SEMrush are good for technical crawls and keyword research, BrightEdge puts it all together and offers advanced A.I. powered features and recommendations that make it an obvious choice for SEO for the Fortune level brands I work with. Also, features like Opportunity Forecasting make it possible to determine a value on keywords in a way that can help users understand return on investment, which is great in an industry that has historically been questioned about "when SEO will pay off" or how do we know what ranking for x keyword is worth. Another thing many people undervalue is customer service, and in this way BrightEdge does well. Accounts come with customer success support, and custom solutions to enterprise level requests, which means you are often talking with a live, dedicated support person who is there for the duration of the account. This is extremely helpful in escalating technical problems or addressing how-to questions fast. 

Don't Toss Out The Best SEO Tools

That does not mean I don't still like doing ad hoc projects with Screaming Frog, or jumping into Moz, SEMrush or ahrefs for a quick task. It's just that BrightEdge is a comprehensive solution that companies can go all in on. 

Cost of BrightEdge

BrightEdge pricing is generally based on the number of keywords, but it's more complex than that because there are separate pricing charts for different features, like Content, etc. With that said on the low end BrightEdge can be less than $10,000 a year with a couple of hundred keywords, under an agency rate, but generally for enterprise where you want to track thousands of keywords and have the best support expect to look at BrightEdge's premium pricing as an investment like any other enterprise level platform with a high pricetag, like Hubspot, Tableau, Netsuite, etc. But, because many Fortune businesses are competing for keywords worth millions of dollars, sometimes more, a platform that help create that type of revenue in a way that is owned (SEO vs. SEM) vs. paid, it's still a good deal. Add to that the executive support that plays in when the reporting starts creating a good case for more resources, and it's a win-win formula. 


I work with BrightEdge as a partner at Tombras (the best independent digital marketing agency in the USA imo) so there is definitely bias here, but I've spent a few years as a Director of SEO using it on many high level enterprise accounts, and believe it's a solid platform and better than all the others out there at this time.

Contact Me Here Or Connect On LinkedIn To Talk BrightEdge & Enterprise SEO

I'm BrightEdge Certified too. Glad to talk with anyone who is interested in setting up the platform or if you already have it, getting more out of it. We can jump on a call and I can listen to what you're wanting to do and then provide feedback on the SEO team you want to build around such a platform. 

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