Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) Review 2020

My Review Of  Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)

March 2020 - What interested me in the first place to sign up for the trial version of Xbox Game Pass for PC, was that I was looking into the Microsoft Flight Simulator game that is supposed to release in 2020, but then saw that I might be able to play that and another 100 high quality games on my computer with Xbox Game Pass. 

 Xbox Game Pass photo - recently added games
Source: Xbox Game Pass 2020

Signing up requires a pc with windows 10 or windows 10 pro (which is what I have), and a hotmail address you can create (which requires a phone number or an alternative email address - and a credit card). There is a $1 trial right now and then after that it is $4 per month to run Xbox Game Pass, which must be downloaded as an app. My first download did not install correctly so I had to reinstall it (from Chrome), and now it looks like I am ready to play. Well, not yet, because now the app wants me to sign in, but I don't know whether to play or to join the community. I also see this: This app needs an extra component. Xbox Game Bar is needed for voice chat - Install - which is going to take a few minutes. 

Okay, now that I am signed in I can see the recently added Xbox Game Pass games that include: 

  • Halo: Combat Evolved Annivery
  • Indivisible
  • Wasteland Remastered
  • Sea of Thieves : Anniversy Edition
  • Age of Empires Definitive Edition
    I can also see in search by simulations there is EVERSPACE TM, Cities: Skylines, Frostpunk, but I do not see the Flight Simulator in Xbox Game Pass, so maybe it is not here yet?

    When I go to open Everspace TM it says I can buy it with my Xbox Pass membership for $23.99 so it looks like games are not free? But there is also a green install button...hmmm, do I want to test it on a game that got three Next. 

    I see Age of Empires and when I go to download which looks initially like I can do it for free, I am taken to a screen to choose between the beta or upgrade to Ultimate for a dollar more, what! I am still not playing a game two hours into registering. Yes, it takes 2 hours to get started playing games on Xbox pass - I am getting frustrated here. 

    xbox game pass versus xbox game pass ultimate
    I want to find at least one game I can play before ending this blog....

    I am back to the downloading Age of Empires, not sure how I got sidetracked but now the question is how long does it take to download a game from Xbox pass beta and the answer is a long time - for example it has been 5 minutes and it is at 8%, which means it could take me around half an hour. 11%....15% well, it looks like I'm going to have to continue this in another blog titled Age of Empires for Xbox pass review. 

    And, now that I have some time, I have found:

    How to stop payment of reoccurring charges for Xbox pass...

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