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Will Fighter Pilots Become Obsolete - Fighter Pilots Will Be Replaced By Drones By 2030

This recent article  highlights the fireside chat where Elon Musk said, "the fighter jet era has passed". If Elon says it many people believe it will come to pass, so the answer to the question of whether fighter pilots will have no future, is yes, they will be and that alternative future is already here where human flown drones can easily replace fighter pilots. It is the next thing to fall to the era of automation and safety. Why risk human lives if we can use drones? Well, this is a page right out of the movie, Stealth, where an ai drone was created to replace fighter pilots, and while it turned out with the ai drone fighter pilot becoming a great pilot, it certainly validated general fears of an ai drone gone bad. And, then there is Ultron. Okay futurists, comment with your prediction - is Elon right?

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