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Retailers Now Offering Touchless Delivery 

What is touchless delivery? It is when retailer offer product delivery without interaction with drivers. This is trending because people who want to avoid all contact with other people during the coronavirus scare would like for their deliveries to be dropped off as opposed to handed over. So in this way touchless does not mean that no person has touched the product but that no one is coming to your door, knocking and handing you something.

For example, in NY, Salvatore's is offering touch-less pizza - this article says, "When ordering delivery, customers may choose to have a touch-less delivery which means the delivery driver will knock, drop off the order outside the customer’s door so the customer will not have to interact with the driver."

Amazon delivery drivers already drop off goods to the door in by this definition would be a touch-less delivery.

What businesses in your area are offering this type of delivery to help prevent the spread of germs?

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