Tombras Group Review - What It Is Like To Work There 2020

Working At The Tombras Group In 2020 - Knoxville TN Ad Agency

Here is what I wrote in a Glassdoor review, which I hope you will mark as helpful here (if you find it so)

Tombras as a company is growing at an incredible pace: 350 employees, Fortune 500 clients, and values that make people proud to work here. Before I first accepted the position, I read all of the glassdoor reviews, and there were some that made me wonder what Tombras was really like. You never know until you get a few months in. I am now over two years in, and feel like I have a deep understanding of the company and culture.

Tombras leaders have been really smart to have literally transformed the entire company in only two years. The calculated risks this family of entrepreneurs made are paying off for everyone involved. Here is my story, so far... A couple of years ago, Tombras had made a huge jump from several offices outside of town into now operating from its own modern building in downtown Knoxville, with an amazing rooftop area where creatives work under a blue sky and with a fresh breeze coming off of the Appalachians. I have spent many warm weather days up there working. Tombras has its own parking lot and the best location downtown. It is literally the best place to work in Knoxville.

Our dept has increased staff by like 500% - and the retention is nearly 100%, with most everyone getting annual promotions (though that is not a given). IMO, that is a testament of a strong business, with the empathy of one that is independent and family run. We have paternity leave, and loads of other summer days off and holidays. Go out for lunch, dinner, or evening beverages, and everyone in town will "know" you if you're from Tombras, having stories to share, or wanting the latest news about what Tombras is doing next.

The effect this creates is magical, especially for recruiting, which means some of the world's best ad agency professionals are working here, moving in from NYC, SF, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, pretty much all over. I think I saw someone just started is from South Africa. Legit pros, every single person here. People who have worked on Super Bowl ads, award-winning paid search and SEO accounts, every creative endeavor you can imagine. Inside of the building is a blend of Manhattan meets NASA Mission Control (i.e. the big screens in the wing dedicated to Analytics / Data Science displaying live metrics and kpis across hundreds of key data points).

All of this means we are working with many of the popular household brands - I can't say here anything about the Silicon Valley tech start-up we just started working with, but you would definitely know it, because you've used it. Who hasn't. It is often surreal, with film and creative crews packing up and catching flights around the world to visit clients. Often clients visit Knoxville, which has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife and outdoors, and I think some spend a few extra days in town enjoying the visit.

Tombras also has locations in Atlanta, Charlotte, New York City, Nashville, and Washington D.C.. Ultimately, if you want to be on the absolute sharpest edge in the ad world today, whether you are just starting out, or coming in as a seasoned pro, Tombras is I want to say top ten in the USA in terms of the clients we work with and press we get, but in my opinion, Tombras is a stratospheric black swan, a rising force that is taking the industry by complete surprise.

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