Should I continue to advertise with paid media & paid search during Coronavirus?

Yes, you should keep advertising during coronavirus, here's why

The knee jerk reaction is to stop advertising when a recession or crises occurs, usually because it is so easy to turn off the paid media / paid search  and because the first thing that comes to mind is - well no one is buying so why advertising, won't it be a waste of money? 

This article  makes it clear that advertising during a recession is fully warranted in order to maintain market share. It's just like why it is important to invest in stocks during a bear market even though the urge is to cash in and run.

Good business principles dictate that what is right is usually counter-intuitive, something akin to running straight into fear in order to resolve it. Granted some industries are thriving and will always thrive during crises and right now some of the businesses that are doing well during coronavirus might be toilet paper, bidets, meal planning (note Blue Apron's stock increase streak), medical masks, dog masks, hand sanitizer, medical supplies, cooking equipment like cast iron pans and grills, home gym equipment, games and movies that are streamed and played while hunkered down and social distancing. 


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