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It seems like everyone is wanting to home grow edible mushrooms (shitakes, oysters, lion's mane, etc.) and sell them at the farmer's market for retail or in a scaled way to retail stores for wholesale rates.
Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash - Shitake mushrooms for sale

Here is small scale commercial mushroom growing space to revenue calculator inputs and outputs based initially off of a 10 square meter space, converted to feet. Beyond knowing how to grow mushrooms one should know how space to revenue growth looks too. The wholesale rates are set at $6 for shitakes whereas some may get $4 and other expensive mushrooms like hen of the woods or lion's mane at around $8. Still others like chanterelle mushrooms, chaga, or morels may only be foraged as there is not good indoor growth success rates or options for these.

Description Calculation Notes Standard
Input 1 Grow Space square feet (ft2) 32.8

Output 1 Hours To Work 12 hrs (12 hrs for every 32.8 square feet 12 hrs
Output 2 Mushroom volume yield 22 pounds
Output 3 Wholesale Revenue $132 dollars (at $6 a pound) $132

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