Coronavirus Layoffs | List of Companies

 List of Companies Laying Off Employees Because of Covid-19 Coronavirus - 2020

With a nearly complete economic shutdown in the USA because of the March 2020 covid-19 coronavirus, a growing list of companies are laying off workers. The New York Times printed an article March 17 titled the "layoffs are starting and the forecasts are bleak". What companies are laying off now? Here's a list. 

  1. Mariott - tens of thousands - source
  2. MGM resorts closed 150 bars and restaurants - source
  3. Caesars Entertainment - source
  4. Compass Coffee - source
  5. Dubliner - source
  6. Cirque Du Solei - source
  7.  GE  - source
  8. Scandinavia Airlines - source
  9. Air Canada - source
  10. Trump's Hotels - source
  11. Sonder- source
  12. NRA - source
  13. Mitchell Plastics - source
It is sad that companies do not have the financial resources to last for more than a few days without laying people off - but these first waves of layoffs are coming from industries most affected like, hospitality, restaurants, travel, events, etc. and will most likely continue as the virus spreads and begins to cause real damage. 

If you know of companies laying off, feel free to comment with details. 

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