What Devastation Did Ancient Synthetic Life Wake Up: Picard Episode 8 | Spoilers

The Ancient Synths Caught The Attention Of What? | Picard Spoilers

In Picard, episode 8, it is clear that ancient civilizations that creates synthetic life was destroyed so utterly that there is an artifact - The Admonition - left behind which drives those who receive the images insane. Now the Romulan Zhat Vash are on a mission to destroy all synths out of fear that whatever the creation of the ancient synths woke up or caught the attention of...but what was that? An all powerful demon like Dormammu or a biblical devil? This is the question viewers are left with after episode 8.

It seems clear that the synths themselves were not the threat but somehow their advancement attracted some destroying force. "Like the Zefram Cochrane warp drive," Rios says. "When you cross that line, somebody shows up." But, how would this be that synths could attract such a monster - that evil force would need to be either threatened by synths (so maybe it is another a.i. with an inferiority complex or a powerful race of beings that had its own problems with synthetic lifeforms...or it feeds on synths)...what other reason could there be?

What Was The Admonition And What Came To Destroy Organic Life?

It's pretty clear now that what came was a powerful synthetic life force and that the Admonition was not for the Vulcans but for the synths, as a way to let them know that synth destroyers will come anytime they are needed to destroy captors and oppressors. 

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