Tesla Employee Handbook Leaked February 2020 - Anti Handbook | Link Pdf Google Doc

Link Pdf Google Doc of Tesla's Leaked Employee Handbook by Elon Musk & Summary

I set up  this Google doc  with a link to the leaked Tesla handbook.

NOTE - as of 7:41 pm on 2/17 it looks like the owner of that leaked doc set the scibd doc to private. No longer available. Please contact me with where it can be found or comment with a link., but you can still access it with the secret password in the url: secret_password=tL7xWs12RWRhuakJfoYs#

Which can be summarized as follows: 

Opens by referring to themselves as a tech company and car company unlike any other, that they're different and "like it that way". And basically if you want a traditional handbook, it isn't here. 

That trust is the default - assumption is that you break it and you're out. 

That communication is everything and you have full access to talk to whoever you need to solve the issue, including Elon. 

That you have duties and it all comes down to making the company a success with the assumption being, whatever that takes. 

That you will have goals and helpful feedback from managers on reaching them. 

That safety is super important. 

Be reliable, communicate when something is coming up preventing you from doing what you're supposed to, and to pick a different company if you can't. 

Be on time. 

Don't come to work sick. 

Vacation requests are not a given, they must be approved. 

You are fired if you don't show and don't call = you are a jerk.

Don't be stupid enough to bully, steal, do drugs, etc.

Have fun. 

Go by the golden rule, do unto others...

Pretty basic, almost ten commandments like...okay, we shouldn't even start getting biblical with Elon, people already think he is a god.

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