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Simlr App Review -  Best App for Meeting Friends Around the World?


I tried the Simlr app for android last night to see what it was all about, and here is the summary: 

  • primarily an app for teens, with no filters on how to prefer specific ages to chat with, so users are reduced to stating age preference in the profile. 
  • No photos or information about the person you chat with except profile and the name, but when you set up the account you don't know how your name will appear so many people accidentally include their full names.
  • yes, you can meet people around the world, but make friends, I don't know about that. 
  • probably a good app for language practice, if you like to chat with strangers in Chinese, French, etc. 
  • Bad UX / UI because messages cannot be deleted, and new messages do not populate at the top of the feed. 
  • Because of the lack of filters, the chats are super awkward, sometimes a hi gets another hi and then it stops, or commenting and asking a question about the profile feels creepy. 
  • Also because of the random unregulated nature of the app, definitely would not advocate parents letting kids use it, but that is probably the reason kids want to use it. 
What was your experience?

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