Person X Wearing Stealth Clothing Vs. New York City A.I. Surveillance Camera

Person X In Stealth Clothing  In New York City

Street cameras, of which there are on average 26 of these A.I. marshals eyeing down the average New York City subway commuter over a short distance, are the kind of surveillance robots that would begin evolving a consciousness first. Because facial recognition has become perfected on the streets of Beijing - even an N95 respirator mask cannot trick the cam with an algorithm designed to reconstruct the covered area of the face - it has also gotten quite protective of its job, and adapts efficiently to thwart any attempts at disguising one's true identity, from the surveillance network. Anyone who challenges the robotic optical network system is playing a dangerous game.

Camera 17643 vs. Person X

Person X buys a cyber shield trench coat - a high tech anti-surveillance outerwear coat that looks like it should be on display at the Louvre, designed for ultimate cyber protection; from camera scans, thermal sensors, facial recognition, and good old fashion 45F days. X goes from point a to point b confidently wearing the ankle long, metallized fabric jacket, feeling calm and in control. No anxiety about being watched, or entered into the city data logs to be cataloged, filtered, classified, and considered later. Why would s/t/he/y? They are only wearing a jacket. But, with no tests available outside of the design lab that comes with making a clothing line, who knows whether the coat that vaguely looks like dozens of human body parts swimming in a Kusama painting actually works.

Camera 17643 knows. In fact, this particular camera was the first to ultrasonic xray faces through a hoodie with built in face mask. Too bad the face mask didn't have a layer of aluminum foil, but that wouldn't have deterred Camera 17643 either, because it also advanced a number of theories into practical sniffing sensor technology, hyper-vacuuming up unique scents that pass by, sorting them and displaying a face and pin for each person who passes by. Who really needs face technology when the cosmic dust cloud each mammalian entity carries is adequate for identification. In fact, that scent cloud pattern emits signals that easily discern fear, extreme fear, and so on, which match criminal intent far better than facial microexpressions.

Person X trips on the long coat, and out come the phone, wallet, and house keys, which are quickly snatched by Stranger Y, meanwhile camera 17643 added a note to Pin # 394858573873298 - attempts to evade surveillance, order extra surveillance.

Resistance is.....f....u....

The above is a fictional thought experiment, imagining what the purchasers of stealth streetwear could encounter in the year 2021.5 -  the cyber shield trend coat product loosely inspired by reading about the jammer coat here, and other stealth clothing products, Project KOVR, etc. - the above is not intended to suggest they work or do not work, I have no real experience with them, the story just popped into my head. I invite you to comment below to relay your real experiences with stealth clothing products. 

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