Is it possible to see the owner email address of a public Google Doc? Yes, here's how

How to see who owns a Google Doc and get their email address

When you find a public Google Doc template of something, like this one for example, and wonder who posted it, or if you were the one who posted it, remember that your information like email address and name (if your name is the same as the email) is public as well!

How do you find out the owner of a Google Doc? 

In this case, once you have the Google doc open just go to file > make a copy > then you see the name and the folder below that. In this case it is sukses23 that pops up. Click on that folder name and then you can see a list of all the docs that are in this folder, and in this case you can see the user has added a TON of docs, so it is a big marketing thing for them. Then above those docs, you can click on the back arrow and you see the email address associated with the public Google doc. 

google docs template see the owner email address how to
Google Docs Public email address exposed - yes people can see you

How about that for a Google docs public hack?

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