Are you Ready For Digital Fashion?

Digital Fashion Houses Have Arrived

Carlings. I.T Hong Kong. The Fabricant. These are the gods of digital luxury changing the game at a time when the Earth could use less clothing factories and more fashion designer software developers & designers to create and release limited downloads of their digital street wear collections. Digital materials are way more carbon neutral than cotton, right?

The Fabricant actually sold a $9500 dress to a Ms. Ren in 2019, who sports it on her personal Facebook while her husband Mr. Ma likes to think it was a smart investment. These are early tales of fashion’s digital future.
Virtual fashion might be for social media right now, but it could easily slip into AR where professionals sport a new Gucci piece in a virtual meeting with an international team. Thinking more about it, this could very well be the future of work too, in a hyper real, virtual tactile kind of way.

What does the new digital haute couture look like?

See for yourself in the Youtube below

While the cost of digital clothing is not generally in the thousands, you can see prices at $30-50 dollars out there for digital fashion pieces, like this 20 pound Silverhood metallic track top , and still feel puzzled about what you get.

Consider that there are already many apps that serve as design clothing games, setting the stage for digital fashion entrepreneurship. Just playing these kinds of games not only feeds our desire to buy into design ideas for clothes, but also has the early adopters in a frenzy to buy a cloud puffer like this, before it expires. Yes, they do expire. Took a page from the diamond industry and limited supply!

If you want to get into the digital fashion business yourself, here is a good article on the best free fashion designer software to create a dress, jeans, shirt, jacket / coat online.

It's a whole new world where a lot of tech supports the design. For example check out how this company body scans for virtual fitting here. 

Don't be surprised to see your favorite digital clothing brands online for purchase soon.
Your future cart will include: Balenciaga sneakers that never get dirty. A virtual Valentino. Some playfully online Prada. Digital Versace & Fendi...the list will go on. Email subject line: your cart is waiting, act now before your digital items expire. Countdown 44, 43, 42.... Pay your $22k balance in bitcoin.

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