Jonathan Poston | Professional Experience

Director of Search @ Tombras, a top three 300-person indy ad agency, Chapel Hill NC

Leading top tier accounts and high performance teams operating within our integrated search marketing department, as well as overseeing reporting, recommendations, and implementation of campaigns that drive brand, strategy, reputation, product, and kpis.

Sr. Manager, SEO @, New York City area, NY
FEB 2017 - JAN 2018

Creating high level strategy and leading a full team of specialists to execute on large scale platform development, content, product / branding, and design projects, along with executive reporting (p&ls, goals, kpis) for this large music instrument ecommerce store.

Founder & CEO @ Yiveo Inc., Chapel Hill & Asheville NC
DEC  2013 - FEB 2017

Leading SEO / SEM for Carither Pediatric Group, Pacific Spine Specialists, Gynecology & Laparoscopic Surgeons, PC,, Campus Cruizer Mobile App, ChiRunning, Kernodle Duke Health, Total HealthcareMD, Jones Institute, Fast Chart, Raleigh Neurological, Rx Urgent Care, etc. Hiring & managing specialists to execute strategy.

Professor @ Warren Wilson College, Asheville NC
JULY 2012  - DEC  2013

Leading courses in marketing, sustainable business capstone & leadership, managing department budget & staff, hosting guest speakers (100+), organizing dept. events, writing business articles for the local newspaper, and attending conferences, i.e. Data Science Predictive Analytics, Chicago.

Director, Social Media @, Asheville NC
Jan 2010  - July 2012

Leading social media marketing for large brand accounts such as World Soccer Shop, 3M, Everlast, Candy Warehouse.

Professor @ MSU-LNU International College of Business, China

Leading courses in business communications.

Professor @ Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo, Ecuador

Leading courses in management, leadership, trade agreements, and marketing.

Director, Marketing @, Asheville NC

Leading digital marketing for ChiRunning, a revolutionary technique that was covered by all the major press at the time: NRP, Nat. Geo, New York Times, CNN.


East Tennessee State University — Graduate course, Business Data Online Metrics, 4.0
Western Carolina University — Master of Entrepreneurship degree, GPA 4.0 (focus on tech start-ups, funding & product innovation)
Francis Marion University — Bachelor of Science degree (Psychology major, Philosophy minor)


IBM — Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner
BRIGHTEDGE — Platform Professional


December 2019

“Corporate finance is always I’ve found a good career investment to make,” said Jonathan Poston, a director at the ad agency Tombras. “Money is the lifeblood of the modern organization, and the more we understand the levers and concepts around it, the more oriented we are to the business goals and how we fit within them.”

Source:  Business Insider exclusive story:

February 2018

Jonathan Poston, SEO director at the Tombras Group advertising agency, says he would prefer to hire someone with a specialized master's degree in digital marketing over someone with an MBA.

In the tech sector, an MBA is sometimes a liability and not an asset, Poston says, which is why he switched from an MBA track to a master's in entrepreneurship track when he attended business school at Western Carolina University.

Source: U.S. News

October 2018

Because Red Hat will maintain its independence through the early part of the transition, it's likely that things will remain relatively the same with respect to the e-commerce space relative, at least in the short-term, suggested Jonathan Poston, director of technical SEO at Tombras Group.

"My guess is that IBM's motive in the first place was less about controlling market supply and raising prices by buying out smaller, more competitive alternatives," he told the E-Commerce Times, "and mostly about injecting vigor into a product inventory to extend the average life cycle through a classic strategic innovation acquisitions approach. An altruistic perspective, I know -- but again, at least for the short-term, I suspect this will be the case."

Source: ecommerce times:

“An incorrect zip code can not only throw off shipping but can land a package into an almost infinite state of limbo,” said Jonathan Poston, an experienced ecommerce executive who is currently the director of technical SEO for The Tombras Group.

“For example, one $2,000 package that was meant to go to an address in East [Tennessee] went to a post office near Raleigh [North Carolina]. Hours were spent on the phone…and weeks went by until, finally, someone solved it.”

To Poston’s point, a bad address can cause big problems. To avoid the issue, automatically verify delivery addresses. If an address looks weird, call the customer.

Source: PracticalEcommerce:

Cleveland-based Jonathan Poston, SEO director at the Tombras Group, identified a few specific problems that are creating engagement and collaboration problems. Those who operate remotely in a digital space often have to over-communicate to make sure work is flowing well. Having someone in this space that doesn't know how to stay on top of things, be on time for meetings, or followups can create a major collaboration obstacle. Of course, training helps, but much of what it takes to be successful in such a position is a high degree of self-motivation.

Source: CMS Wire:

September 2018

Director of Technical SEO at The Tombras Group Jonathan Poston believes that this will enable smartphones to “blend” into an environment:

“There is no question where it is heading, which all boils down to less, and more natural. Less in terms of lighter, fewer steps to get things done, and generally operated largely by voice. More natural in terms of a design that blends in with the environment, connecting the user more to the space and activity they choose, rather than compromising the moment with an interruptive phone.

“What will it look like? It will blend into the individual’s environment, and thus look like part of the atmosphere, a piece of you. How that translates will likely be a thinner, and thinner version of hardware, until the interface becomes holographic, and the hardware is mounted into the surrounding. Only when travelling away from infrastructure, will a carryable be needed.”



New York City NY, Cleveland OH, Dalian China, Guayaquil Ecuador, Asheville NC, Florence SC, Knoxville TN, Chapel Hill NC, Wilmington NC, Charleston SC

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