Public Lectures & Events at UNC Chapel Hill | NC State | Duke

UNC Chapel Hill, NC State & Duke University's Lectures Open To The Public

Because I always like attending public lectures at universities near me, and because they are always so hard to find all in one spot, I am including links here to the event calendars where public lectures would be listed at UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University, and NC State: 

  • NC State public lectures / calendar events link: 
    • NC State College of Design's public lectures:
    • Poole School of Business -
    • Agricultural Institute
    • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    • College of Education
    • College of Engineering
    • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • College of Natural Resources
    • College of Sciences
    • Wilson College of Textiles
Come back later to check new additions as this is a work in progress or comment with what's missing.

The last public lecture I caught was actually at UT, when Dr. Robert Sapolsky (Stanford professor of biology, neurosurgery, neurological sciences) spoke at UT on how his studies on primates relate to human behavior & thinking, so I hope to find some good ones here. If you know of any upcoming, please contact me with details, or post a comment.

Another link to other local events that sometimes includes expert talks and workshops at universities:

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