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The Calm Mask Is a New Product Idea For 2020 

What to do when you're bored as a product innovator? Use Google Trends to search for business ideas that you can transform into cool gadgets! You'll notice how well products that cultivate calm did in 2019, like weighted blankets, etc. and so you'll likely see more of this for trending products 2020. If you are looking for fresh marketing ideas, read on.
calm mask cool new product idea 2020
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New Business Ideas & Innovative Products

One future business idea for 2020 could be a calm mask. This hot new business idea could be a small but profitable idea because it would actually physically produce a real calm response in humans by reducing the heart rate. It would literally be one of the only cool products out there that is actually cool, because this mask would actually be cold enough that when placed on the face, it would cause the heart rate to drop. This phenomenon is called the MDR or mammalian diving reflex, and it occurs when humans dive in cold water, and that cold water sets off a physiological response that lowers the heart rate and creates a calm efficiency that would be helpful for swimming underwater. 

A life hack product could be creating a calm mask to place over the face to relax those who are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, or who want to otherwise relax within seconds. I have even heard a medical professional talking about how it is common for psychiatric patients to have it in the medical notes to put a cold pack on the face of a patient experiencing an episode in order to calm them down. 

New Product Development 

While this new idea may result in what many would consider a weird or funny product, it could be one of the most insanely cool gadgets of 2020. 

Legal Risk

One big reason I think not to pursue this product is because it is a medically oriented product and that may require a lot of legal research and fees, along with dealing with compliance and possible law suits if the product harmed someone. There is one Youtube where a guy puts his face in cold water and his heart rate goes down by dozens of points, so while that shows that the response is very real, this unusual product could also be blamed on problems associated with its use. 

Plus, once you've paid for all of the doctors, lawyers, new product design, etc. and go from having an idea to actually starting, the product may be fairly easy to duplicate if it is doing well as a new product on Amazon, though I think the biggest deterrent is the legal risk to creating something that could literally cause unintended harm when used. 

If anyone is interested in pursuing what seems to be an easy invention idea, because the manufacturing should be fairly easy - basically a strap to the face cold pack in the form of a mask that has high surface contact and use a skin friendly material that protects from frostbite - then I hope you'll post in a comment how you overcame the liability issue. Is it as easy as adding a disclaimer? Or is it even worth it to make something that might carry such risk?

Of course, in thinking up this cool new product idea I bought the domain which I would gladly pass along should someone want to bring the idea to life. 

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