Corpse Flower Blooming at NC State in Raleigh - 2019

On August 1, 2019, Corpse Flower Named Lupin Bloomed At The Plant Conservatory At NC State

2019 Corpse Flower Lupin Bloomed - NC State
2019 Corpse Flower Lupin Bloomed - NC State

I had been waiting for a long time to witness a corpse flower bloom, and finally when I saw the news that Lupin was coming to NC State, I went over with the fam to catch the bad wind. We had made a reservation but even then when we got there it was a long line. Finally when it was our turn we walked up slowly to the plant, but there was no smell of rot or decomposition, just normal greenhouse air, plus sweaty people. However, when I was finally facing the plant, which by now had pretty much bloomed and was kinda falling apart, and then put my nose over the cup where down below all of the stink is produced, I was met with a scent that literally made me gag uncontrollably!

So, there is your official report of what it is like to smell one of these stinky plants. It definitely lives up to its reputation.

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