Working with Jonathan Poston has been a distinct pleasure since he came in to lead the SEO team at American Musical Supply. He is an individual of deep intellect, calm demeanor and a burning desire to get things done. Jonathan possesses a skill set that is not confined to SEO, so has been quite helpful in other areas of our digital marketing. His efforts have led directly to measurable, meaningful Organic revenue gains for AMS, and the plan he painstakingly constructed is working quite well. Jonathan is a thoughtful person as well, and one I am happy to call a friend as well as trusted colleague.

Jonathan has worked for us and with us over a number of years and his expertise in SEO is fabulous. We always had great results when Jonathan was heading up our campaigns and I'd recommend him to anyone who's ready and willing to take their marketing to another level. You can't go wrong.

Jonathan is a SEO Guru! His ability to adapt to the crazy and ever-changing google algorithm and how modern search traffic generation works is outstanding. He has a very strong analytics knowledge and guided me in lot of paid search strategy decision making along with all the SEO successful implementations. Jonathan has proved himself over and over again by ranking on page #1 for some of the most competitive keywords in the Music Instrument Industry fro AMS. I always take time to learn from others who are more knowledgeable than me and working with him really transformed the way I understand SEO and digital marketing overall. I wish him luck with all the good work he is doing.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Jonathan on a number of content development projects, and I’ve been impressed with his expertise every step of the way. Not only does he have a command of SEO principles and strategy, he has a deep understanding of the kinds and quality of content it takes for businesses to turn clicks into conversions. Unlike a lot of SEO specialists, whose interest and expertise stops at mechanics like keywords, Jonathan has a real appreciation of the full scope of the search engine marketing discipline, beginning with the tools and tactics it takes to improve rankings to the skills required to tell the kind of compelling brand stories that convert casual browsers into loyal customers.

Jonathan has been my liaison and my coach in the freelance writing I do for American Musical Supply. Together we have made great strides in improving the quality and content of the web copy and to increase the SEO results. In my experience, Jonathan is keenly aware of the mechanisms, protocols, and language needed to optimize SEO results, and is always focused on the task at hand. I have found Jonathan to be incredibly organized, and he operates at peak efficiency. In working together, Jonathan has been able to single out products that need attention; has provided spread sheets matching key search terms to specific products; and has been able to add focus to the project at hand. In addition, he is able to envision the creative side of unique copy content and its value - providing me with the opportunity to create and present some unique corporate profiles of some of the more innovative manufacturers that AMS deals with. Finally, I find Jonathan a blessing to work with. His communications with me are prompt and unambiguous (which I am thankful for!); and his efficiency has allowed me to increase me work output for this valuable client (AMS). Jonathan has earned my appreciation and my respect.